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30" X 20" Original Oil Painting SOLD
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Born in Plymouth in 1947. After leaving school, Richard Blowey studied at Plymouth School of Art.

After a short time on the east coast of England he returned to the South west in the late 1960's.Taking all sorts of jobs from farming to fishing he still kept up his art as a hobby but found his work was becoming more in demand and this prompted him to concentrate on art as his profession.

24" X 20" Original Oil Painting. 325
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His detailed observations of the power and motion of the sea and the nature of the countryside around him were of a constant inspiration to him. Being of a restless, enquiring and experimenting nature he enjoyed being challenged, these challenges producing a great variety of subject matters.

16" X 12" Original Oil Painting. SOLD
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As he has matured Richard has reached a high standard of art, especially in his paintings depicting the natural beauty we have in Cornwall with it's dramatic land and seascapes. Richard favours oil painting and whilst he is happy to paint in his studio, he prefers to "go out" and paint his subject.


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